William J Tolley, President
Image William is a PhD student at Arizona State University, where he explores how data is leaked during secure communication. He is also currently a visiting assistant professor at Washington & Lee University. Previously, he spent 15 months as an OTF senior fellow at the University of California, Berkeley, where he developed a novel way to make inferences about active connections inside VPN tunnels.
                                   Beau Kujath, Vice President
Image Beau Kujath is a cybersecurity researcher with Breakpointing Bad who received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico in 2019 and is currently pursuing a PhD at Arizona State University. He spent three years interning at Sandia National Labs involved in a variety of networking and cybersecurity projects. His research focuses on internet freedom and ways the network stack, or the system in general, can expose sensitive information on the end user. He is particularly interested in the ingredients needed for bad guys to cook up exploits and take advantage of the current privacy tools used in the wild by web users. Recently, his work dug into potential VPN client threats and how information could be leaked from the network stack to expose the client.
                                   Antonio Espinoza, Secretary
Image Tony is a security researcher with interests in fields ranging from: reverse engineering chat applications [1], information flow tracking [2], network measurement, and more recently, container measurement.                                                                                       
                                   Benjamin Mixon-Baca, Treasurer
Image Benjamin is a computer security researcher interested in reversing, internet measurement, and information flow tracking. He is currently a Ph.D. student at Arizona State University and advised by Dr. Jedidiah R. Crandall.

Contact: ben AT breakpointingbad DOT com
GPG: [B8D7 3CE3 C0E2 AEE3 6DED E20C 98E5 19B0 3BA7 928D] or [here]                                                                                             
                                   Jedidiah Crandall
Image Jed is formerly a University teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who developed an interest in cooking up side channel network exploits in 2010. His research group has developed techniques for peeking through firewalls [1] [2], measuring censorship from anywhere on the Internet [3], inferring the existence of connections completely off-path [4] [5], and predicting Linux IPIDs [6]. Other interests include applied crypto and unveilling Internet surveillance [7] [8] [9]. Hobbies include throwing pizzas on roofs, eating red chili cheeseburgers, and referencing TV shows he hasn’t actually seen [10]. (Also happens to be an Associate Professor at Arizona State University).
                                   Jeffrey Knockel
Image Jeffrey Knockel is a Research Associate at The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. In his research, he seeks to bring transparency to Internet censorship and surveillance.                                                                                          
                                   Rajkumar Pandi
Image Raj is a Programmer Analyst II at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque alongside pursuing PhD with Department of Computer Science. His main area of research includes network measurement and reverse engineering.                                                                      
                                   Esther Rodriguez
Image Esther is a mathematician who has decided to look for more impactful research that can benefit from a mathematical approach. Her research interests include mathematical and probabilistic models, complex systems, cryptography, and Riemannian geometry. Currently, she is a PhD student at Arizona State University in Jed Crandall’s research group.